ScathingAtheist 195: WTF Happened Edition

In this week’s episode, Lucinda invents a time machine made of rage and microwave parts, we hook up Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer to a monatomic gold respirator, and the 2020 presidential election begins.


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There will be a God’s Not dead 3

Klingenschmitt says the government is giving gay people bonus pay by funding hiv research

Catholic church says no to cremation

People lose their shit over a starbucks cup….again

New study that wasn’t about richard dawkins shows that everyone hates richard dawkins

Jesus didn’t need porn to get it up so neither should you (30 seconds porn for jesus):

Nov 10, 2016, 12:00 PM
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Chairman_Fowl - 8 months ago

I actually fully expected the diatribe to be a reenactment of that infamous scene in the Wire, with Noah just going 'Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck' for six and a half minutes straight. And that would've been entirely okay.

Oh, and as a non-American listener - I still want to hang out with you. And if you need asylum anywhere, I have a basement with a cot. It's not much but at least the malevolent gremlin king isn't anywhere nearby.