Rolling In The Randeep (Hooda), with Shah Shahid

Episode 30,  Nov 16, 2016, 05:33 AM

We welcome Shah Shahid of Blank Page Beatdown ( and the Split Screen Podcast ( to discuss one of our favourite underrated stars, Randeep Hooda (

Show Notes:

Thank you filmilibrarian for the review!

The influx of Bollywood podcasts

The genesis of the Split Screen Podcast

Insight into high school Matt and Erin (and Shah and his wife, awww)

Media comprehension skills we take for granted

Edmonton Bollywood fans ask Cineplex to screen Hindi and Punjabi language films on south side (

Cineplex says it won’t play Tamil film Kabali at its theatres due to safety concerns (

Monsoon Wedding ( and D (

Highway ( (so many feels)

The bulge effect

INTERVAL (“Jab Chaye Tera Jadoo (” from Main Aur Charles)

John Day (

German-Russian actress Elena Kazan (

Too much exposition and not enough cohesion

Forced biryani overdose

Catholic overtones, maybe from the original Spanish film (

Main Aur Charles (

Charles Sobhraj aka The Bikini Killer aka The Serpent (

Charisma and pulling off a terrible look (

Convoluted editing

Can Randeep Hooda dance? (

Accents are hard

Female objectification and point of view

Bombay Talkies (

Character actor or art house performer?

NEXT TIME: we celebrate Noirvember with two classic Bollywood films noir and Neale Barnholden (

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