The Mothman (Part 4A)


Do we only see what we can understand? And if we refuse or are unable to understand, are we then not seeing all of the elements of our reality? If beings and creatures from alternate realities truly exist, then what is their origin story? What is their purpose and what are we to them, or more to the point, what do they want with us? In Part 4A of our series on the Mothman of Point Pleasant, WV, we examine some of these questions and try to find conclusions of our own, outrageous though they may seem to be.

Tonight's Quote:

“I have adopted the concept of 'Ultraterrestrials' — beings and forces which coexist with us but are on another time frame; that is, they operate outside the limits of our space-time continuum yet have the ability to cross over into our reality. This other world is not a place, however, as Mars or Andromeda are places, but it is a state of energy.”

— John A. Keel, The Mothman Prophecies

Show Links:

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Loren Coleman's list of people who have died in connection to Mothman

Gray Barker’s Book of Bunk Mothman, Saucers, and MIB by John C. Sherwood

Gray Barker's Secret by David Halperin

Mass Hysteria

Behavioral Contagion

The Law of Vibration

Massive bird spotted in Alaska!

Dalnegorsk, Russia

11, 13 and 33

Ben Folds - Rockin' the Suburbs

Search for the Mothman documentary

Aperture hatch on the Millennium Falcon

NBC News article on Infrasound

Vic Tandy and infrasound on Wikipedia

Vladimir Gavreau and his infrasound experiments

The Haunted Hum (infrasound) on Mythbusters

Adam Savage's Indiana Jones Sankara Stones stolen!

NICAP's The 1967 UFO Chronology - The Mother of All Sighting Waves

The Silver Bridge disaster - the collapse rendered in computer animation

Report on the Silver Bridge collapse by the West Virginia DOT

Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse

Colorized footage of the Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse

Radiolab episode on Dreams

Wake Up and Dream on Radiolab - confronting your fears with Lucid Dreaming

Project MKUltra

Could a sonic weapon make your head explode?

"Gaslighting" on Wikipedia

Gaslight the movie (1944)

Origin of the "Time exists" quote

Weather report for the day of Mrs. Roy Grose’s 4:45 a.m. UFO sighting

Linda Scarberry's obituary on Cryptomundo, one of the 4 original teenagers to see Mothman

Silver Bridge

Riverside Golf Club where Connie Carpenter saw the Mothman, formerly the Mason Co. Golf Course

I Love Lucy entertains the cosmos

How far have human radio broadcasts reached into our galaxy?

Can our TV signals be picked up by other planets?

Actinic Conjunctivitis

Defense Logistics Agency website

Defense Logistics Agency on Wikipedia

Chief Cornstalk

Chief Cornstalk's curse

Lord Dunmore's War

Fort Randolph, West Virginia http://...

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