ScathingAtheist 196: Full Pence-etration Edition

In this week’s episode, Donald trump announces a brand new skull-shaped White House, he also makes a few other decisions based on skull shape, and Reince Priebus finally gets to be on a list where he’s not the worst person.


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Uri Geller: ”And you thought the 11 letter name thing was bullshit!”

Ken Ham: Trump won because god is in control, not the media:

Michele Bachmann credits Trump victory to her prayers:

Nigerian prophet TB Joshua deletes Facebook prophecy about Hillary winning:

Pastor Piper tells grieving man that he caused his wife to miscarry by watching porn:

Bishop launches probe of priest who posed with aborted fetus in pro Trump message:

Dawkins suggests hiding scientists from idiocy in New Zealand (kind of, but really)

Christian loonie on TV claims spontaneous baby-prayer happened:

Ben Carson on short list for Education Secretary:

Nov 17, 2016, 12:00 PM
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