NFAND Episode 22 - Inés Mongil, filmmaker and Unit Production Manager

Nov 20, 2016, 12:44 PM, Westchester, Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles, United States

Lucía Castellano Vega and Inés Mongil Echandi is the team of directors behind the lovely short doc., Clubman 13.3.13. The piece trails one man whose work ethic, dignity, and elegance reveals itself by his own words and actions. For over sixty-years, this man devoted himself to men’s wear. His sense of honor and duty reflected. The story is so simple it feels like a caress, a gesture.

What gets us up each day? How come we live and for what? What is our purpose? How does time change and alter what we do and focus on? What happens when circumstances change and we must take a different course? Clubman 13.3.13 addresses these themes. A poetic story about lifelong commitments but also about a changing labor market and workforce.

The protagonist holds to his work ethic because he knows only it, will save him. As long as he has his will to live there is always something to do.

Inés and I talk life, finding stories, elegance, and dignity.

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