What Are The Global Elites After?

Nov 28, 2016, 12:49 PM

Joel 2-3; Daniel 7-12; Revelation 5-18. Learn what the will of God is for you...1 Thessalonians 5:14-22.

The global elitists today want to control us through mechanisms and laws like global warming in an attempt to take control of our money, food and water supplies. This is not new, I've been talking about it since 1987, before some of you were born.

If they (Global Elites) are successful and they do take control of the supplies, then all of us will be at their mercy and ultimately at the mercy of the one who is coming, the Antichrist.

The Lord Jesus Christ has different plans for those who love him and have placed their faith in him! One day the final Trump will sound and we will hear his voice, "come up here" and we will forever be with him.

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Keep looking up Jesus is coming back soon,

Bro Stef, Pastor "Watchman" Ezekiel 33