Sponsored, Episode 13: Mike Douglas

Nov 29, 2016, 10:28 PM

This week on the "Sponsored" podcast, Mike Douglas tells his story, including the time he first went skiing—on a school trip when he was in the fifth grade, at Vancouver Island's Mount Washington.

"We went up there and felt that sensation of sliding on snow and the adventure that came with that, cruising down this forested run, I did this big long turn wondering what was coming up around the corner thinking, 'This is the coolest thing ever.'" Pretty much from that first day, that was the ultimate, and that's all I wanted to do."

Show Notes: 1:30: Film Festivals and ‘Guilt Trip’ 3:30 Climate Change 4:40: Growing up and getting into skiing 10:00: The progression of his ski career 14:00: Not going back to school 19:36: The beginning of the New School 22:00: We need new gear 30:08: Technology now matches what snowboarding has 33:45: Product development involvement over the years 36:27: Salomon Freeski TV