#bbc5live 3/12/16 MN debating Loughton's blizzard of vexatious referrals, box ticking + swamping. A Govt in panic?

Dec 03, 2016, 10:35 AM

Mr Loughton seems tense? We hope not. Sensible long-form discussion would be good. Lord Bates (Home Office) did indicate MR rountable discussion would happen in a letter to Baroness Walmsley. But they haven't. Ministers are now collectively leaning against their doors unkeen to communicate.

The extraordinary proposals in the Government consultation bear little scrutiny. We unpicked them in our MRConsult submission which is available here : https://goo.gl/5JH3TY

MR is not a good subject for short interviews. Its complex, nuanced and politicians have a meniscus skimming acquaintance with it and no appreciation of the complexities of designing and delivering child protection in Regulated Activities.

The foundations of child protection have been unchanged for 50 years. There is nominal responsibility and no accountability. How can there be, there is no law to report.