Banana Beauty Benefits, Stretch Your Brain, Complain with Courage

Dec 04, 2016, 12:20 AM

Bananas are not only good for you to eat but they are good for your body as they provide numerous health and beauty benefits. Bananas are versatile for facials, burns, cuts, puffy eyes with many nutrients including vitamins A, B, C and E along with minerals like potassium, zinc, iron and manganese. Heather Brittany unpeels the humble banana in Health Matters for a Beauty Puzzles, music, and computer games may not be the way to stretch your brain. New evidence indicates that exercise is key to brain health just as it is to body wellness. Health Matters with Heather Brittany helps you get a bigger, younger brain with diet and exercise. When something does go as promised, you have every right to speak up. However blaming, getting angry, or exaggerating the truth will not bring you resolution. Find out simple ways to complain with courage and dignity to resolve a problem.

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