The Isms Song

Nov 08, 2011, 02:43 PM

The Isms Song by Sanya Written on 8th November 2011 Copyright 2011

I use coping mechanisms To deal with all the isms It's sometimes hard to face Another day in the human race

My heart is pounding And the voices won't stop sounding Telling me I'm not good enough Who knew life could be so tough?

They poke and they tease And you fall to your knees In the darkness corners of your head And sometimes kinda wish that you were...

But no, don't let them win Just turn on a great big grin And let 'em know you just don't care They'll take their hatred elsewhere

Be strong despite adversity In school, work or university Hold your head up high 'Cus all you can do is try, try, try.


Footnote: This is a song about coping with prejudice and stigma. It's for anyone who's been victimised (or fears they might be victimised) for whatever reason, be it mental health problems, physical appearance, sexual orientation, gender, race etc. #Ally #HateCrime #MentalHealth #Prejudice #Stigma #Trans #Isms #LBGT