ScathingAtheist 200 - 200th Edition

In this week’s episode, we finish the Quran and definitely do NOT burn our copies (please don’t murder us), we learn -- unrelatedly -- that you shouldn't burn a Kindle inside your house, and we’ll go long by thirty minutes, so hopefully there’s traffic.


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New report highlights worst countries to be atheists:

Math only works because Jesus created it

Pastor tells kids Santa isn’t real, but Jesus is

Christians mad that Highlights magazine says gays can be parents:

Go-Klings: “Zales Execs possessed by Satan”

Ghanan bishop says power to make penis larger

New app in spain lets you summon a Catholic priest to confess your sins

Christian charity refuses donation from bar

Lots of porn may become illegal in England


This Week in Misogyny:

BYU art student fails for filming a woman’s bare shoulders

Dec 15, 2016, 12:00 PM
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