ScathingAtheist 203: Book of Moron Edition

Jan 05, 2017, 12:00 PM

In this week’s episode, Rwandan soccer bans Azealia Banks, we ask one Facebook meme what another one would say about Snopes, and we’ll dig into a book from the patron saint of caucasian-ness.

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Special Thanks to Ranger Kasdorf for providing this week’s lyrical Farnworth Quote, with additional thanks to Savant (aka Datakrash) for producing the beat behind it.

Headlines: Snopes is still snopes ya dopes: Latest data on the economic boom the ark park isn’t: Azealia banks has been slaughtering chickens in her closet for three years for witchcraft Rwandan soccer league bans witchcraft Gospel singer: gay people are perverts who will die Humanist group gets ebenezer award for not letting them send jesus conditional presents Church in Sri lanka accidentally gives people lyrics to tupac song