Nov 15, 2011, 01:55 PM, Parkinson, QLD, Australia
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spare-shade - almost 6 years ago


I hope that you may be to participate in this project.

"the act of listening is the act of inscribing” project explores the notions of home, poem and the human voice.

I am asking you to voice your home.

This can be many things, said in many different ways.

It can be a thought, a feeling, an emotion, a memory, a confusion, whatever it is that is housing your being now.

Or, it can simply be your sense of home - a feeling of being at home.

Maybe it is just a word, a poem, or a thought that is on your mind right now. It could be a broken dish in your sink. Or, a place, a situation you are in. It can be a worry that is preoccupying you, or an aspiration you are pursuing. It can be this moment, or a memory. It can be a ruin, or a broken home.

Whatever home is for you, or whatever houses your thoughts or brings you closer to home, or to this moment, please voice it.

Time is a commodity in great demand but rather limited and jealousy guarded supply, so I sincerely appreciate you sharing it.

And I would appreciate if you record home in your voice as an audio-boo – my account is .

For complete information about this project please visit a spare shade of light

Thank you,

PS. please free to forward this on.


AnnieEvett - about 6 years ago

for the rest of the story - check out