Talking Paper #4 Nathan Holt, Shawn Kornhauser, & Chris Pikula

Jan 08, 2017, 12:17 AM

Episode date, December 29th, 2016: Fantasy card game Magic: The Gathering is the topic of most of this episode. It begins with an interview with Nathan Holt & Shawn Kornhauser about their Magic doc film, Enter the Battlefield. Next up, an interview with one of their film's 7 subjects, Chris Pikula about his thoughts on the game, and his own career (which could end with a spot in the Hall of Fame). Finally, I read excerpts from books by poets Boni Joi, Chris Campanioni, & Malik Crumpler.

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Boni Joi, Before During or After Rainstorms:

Chris Campanioni, Death of Art:

Malik Crumpler, Little Everywhere:

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