Postcards From Sea - John Herlig chats to Mark Firestone

Jan 09, 2017, 05:56 PM

This edition comes from Lake Sylvia, Florida, where John chats to Gozzard owner Mark Firestone. Three years ago, John Herlig bought a tatty, sun-bleached old sailboat called Ave del Mar. Slowly and with great attention to detail, John revived Ave and now they have embarked on a voyage together. There’s no real plan; no particular destination in mind. All we know is that John would like to see the whole world and that someday he might turn up at Boat Radio headquarters in Mallorca. This is a story about how a chance discovery in a boatyard in Reedville, Virginia led to a new lease of life for both a 1967 Rawson 30' cutter and her former restaurateur owner.