A Very Special Message for Martin Luther King Day

Jan 16, 01:20 PM
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<user-5006573> - 3 months ago



kathy_yeatter - 9 months ago

Before this I could never imagine being amused by anything our new POTUS said. Must be the delivery!😂


m1cAr0 - 9 months ago

thx 4 memorexing what we've all been hearing in our heads: a deranged madman & the most embarrassing polarizing offensive undiplomatic megalomaniac who has NO BUSINESS leading a blended society much less the entire free world.
we're soon 2 B the refugees banned entry 4 safety in the lands of our allies 2016& prior


comicstars1 - 9 months ago

Got to remember what Trump is used to, all that shiny gold in the tower has got him thinking everything else is crap. Can't wait to see all the rooms in the White House in a little while. He may even push for a name change to Gold House.


CyberSkull - 9 months ago

I can totally see the Joker saying this after winning the election for Governor.


3dpenguin - 9 months ago

Mark Hamill is making Trump's idiotic rants bearable