Latino Tech & Community Building - George "Urban Jibaro" Torres

Season 1, Episode 33,  Jan 19, 2017, 04:51 PM

Today we are joined by an early pioneer in the Latino Tech scene - George "Urban Jibaro" Torres. He takes us through his early journey with technology and how he created his first website as a poetry journal. He then builds it into a company that includes Marketing, Event Management, Media, and much more! This includes the story on making the jump from to become a full time Entrepreneur and leaving his 9-5.

The crew also gets some insight into his youth in Brooklyn, NY and being victim of a hate crime known by many as the "Latino Howard Beach Attack." George breaks down how it helped fuel his activism and work to build community among Boricuas and other Latinos.

This is definitely one of our favorite episodes to date so pick up that pen and pad (Or Phone) to take notes and learn from one of the best!

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