Phakta Ladh Mhana Ep. 02 - Pradeep Niphadkar, Neha Charati, Dadarao Bhilore

Jan 23, 2017, 08:50 AM

The second episode of "Phakta Ladh Mhana" crossed paths with National Road Safety week. So, decided to focus on people whose lives have changed radically as a result of road accidents, viz. Pradeep Niphadkar, Neha Charati & Dadarao Bhilore.

Each of them lost a loved one to a road accident, that - like most accidents - could have been avoided. Instead of blaming things like fate, the system, the apathy or any such, they decided to ensure that such accidents did not happen in the future.

Shrikant and the Red FM team chart the stories of their lives in the aftermath of the accidents that took away their dear ones.

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