Here's a little something @melanieakpotu might enjoy, especially on her new Bluetooth speaker :-)

Feb 13, 2017, 06:48 PM

When @melanieakpotu demonstrated her new Bluetooth speaker and FM radio in a recent post, I immediately recognized the piece of classical music playing on that radio. It was the Sicilienne by Gabriel Faure. I absolutely love that piece, and Mel said she liked it too, so I thought I'd post my favourite version. I have an orchestral one, but my long-time listeners know what a harp fiend I am, so I had to post the flute and harp duet. :-) The artists are both Canadian; the flautist is Laurel Zucker, and the harpist is Sarah Cutler. I would highly recommend their album Serenades for Flute and Harp, which can be found on iTunes #Faure #flute #harp #LaurelZucker #music #SarahCutler #Sicilienne