ScathingAtheist 209: Nephi Fo Fum Edition

In this week’s episode, Nephi’s brothers will try to kill him half a dozen more times, a porn website teaches Mormons what binders of women should really look like, and Violets turn out not to be blue, which is probably why we call them violets.


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Stupid Starbucks boycott didn’t work again:

Donald Trump removed witchcraft from the White House:

Dave Daubenmire: "Kids who go to public schools are spiritually raped."

Satan and Barack Obama are leading a rebellion against Trump:

Town cancels Valentine's Day dance due to law that forbids dancing near a church:

Xhamster sends people in Utah to sex ed because lawmakers reject bill:


This Week in Misogyny:

OK law would ban abortion unless the “father” agrees:

Orrin Hatch on silencing Elizabeth Warren: “Think of Jeff Sessions’ wife!”

Feb 16, 12:00 PM
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