Feb 20, 2017, 06:41 AM

Sam and Rebecca talk about pansexuality.

In this episode we discuss: SZA, loving yourself independently of romantic love, major hoe shoutouts, getting engaged at 106, Brian Pumper’s egg sex, the hot abortion climate, “women are hosts”, the Pulse Nightclub Massacre aftermath, NYPD being brutal, & some brief mentions of #hurtbae. We then get into (‘Fuck It’) our topic of the day, Pansexuality, and talk about pansexuality v. bisexuality, Deadpool the pansexual antihero, Sex v Gender and some misconceptions about pansexual people. Next up in our ‘Fuck Me’ segment we talk dating post college, dating while fat, cheating, defining a relationship and being the “laidback” girlfriend. Lastly, in our ‘Fuck You’ segment answer a listener letter about being an older virgin.


Pay a Bitch



Opening: “Mona Lisa“ Wayo

Fuck That: "Krown Heights" PrinceShortyFly

Fuck It: "Party on the Weekend"

Fuck Me: "Revenge (Of the Nerd That Sat Behind You" PrinceShortyFly

Fuck You: "Chandelier" Dramangar

End: "Day Dream" Dramangar

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