AYP 30: "Who's a good boy?"

Feb 22, 2017, 08:11 PM

Season 2.5, Episode 7. Another week, another Safe As Milk Fest love-fest. This week, John, Mike, Matt & Gordon take a preliminary stumble through another alphabetical stage of the billing, this week featuring Princess Nokia, The Residents, and Michael Rother. It's amazing that they manage it this week, owing to the sheer volume of digressions. What sounds do words with a "ch" make? What are legs? And these two quandaries are just in the FIRST FIVE MINUTES. Find out about cooking dinner during Brainbombs, how podcasts work, and the adorable Labrador in their chalet, and just like last week, there is a marvellous post-credits Easter Egg which you will no doubt enjoy. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/ayppodcast) and check out the Listening Notes (http://ayppodcast.tumblr.com). #Music #Podcast #Review #SafeAsMilk #PrincessNokia #TheResidents #Michael Rother #AdorableLabrador #LegsAreJustArmsJustAnotherWay #Bookmarks