Good Enough - very rough demo of a newly written song

Feb 28, 2017, 11:34 PM

#song #songwriting #FAWM2017 #piano #Clavinova


Good Enough

Would I be good enough if I never disagreed? Or understood enough if I stultified my needs? So many words i cannot say. Walking on eggshells each day. Would I be kind enough if I shared your point of view? Subdued my mind enough, saying all your thoughts are true? I carry on despite pain. Just how long can I sustain?

Chorus: I need you to understand me The way I am, not the way you want me to be. Perfection's a nice ideal. Rejection is all too real.

Would I be brave enough if I never shed a tear? Or well-behaved enough if I never showed my fear? You say I'm wrong and you are right. Then say you didn't want to fight! Would I be cold enough if my heart was turned to ice? And fake and fold enough, be perpetually nice. All that's authentic hidden well. Safer never to tell You that


It seems no matter what I do, How many tears I cry, I'll never be accepted, No matter how I try. You say your words are honesty, While my words are attack! How can I get My dear one back? Because

Chorus (twice)

How can it heal?