Full Audio: Digital Anonymity: 24th Nov, Sydney

Nov 29, 2011, 05:48 AM

24th November, Sydney, Australia Do you have the right to be anonymous online? If so, when? Anonymity protects Syrian political activists, internet trolls and criminals alike. There are no easy answers. The first in a new series of events for media140 Worldwide, took place in Sydney, Australia with Jessica Hill from ABC Radio current affairs, David Stewart from law firm Wrays, Karalee Evans from public relations firm Text 100 and Stilgherrian, writer and broadcaster with ZDNet, Crikey, Drum and others. It was was a lively debate that lasted over 90 minutes hosted by John Kerrison from Sky. This is the highlights from the package published at the ZDNet Australia - thanks to Stilgherrian for audio production. This is the complete audio package produced for media140 Australia #anonymity #Australia #digital #media #media140