ScathingAtheist 212: Aladdin a Lad Edition

Mar 09, 2017, 12:00 PM

In this week’s episode, Iowa passes a law forcing you to listen to Joel Osteen's show after this one, Disney uses Josh Gad to sell everyone on being gay, and that wacky Joseph Smith will look back into his rock-hat and make up some more Mormonism.

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Headlines: Officials confirm mass grave of hundreds of children at nun-run home: and Bill Donohue calls it “fake news” Franklin Graham: Planned Parenthood fundraiser = building nazi death camps: Nicaraguan woman dies after being thrown into a fire to rid her of demons: OK Rep made Muslim students answer wife-beating questionnaire before he’d meet with them:

Christian groups lose shit over same sex kiss in Disney cartoon: movie banned in Alabama theater

This Week in Misogyny: TX Lawmakers: Doctors should be able to lie to women if truth would lead to abortion Ohio GOP legislators resist law against marital rape: