The Celtic Underground - Derby Predictions & Gordon Backchat

Mar 11, 2017, 06:29 PM

This week we have a bumper guest filled podcast. In no particular order you will hear; Harry Brady, a Pearson child, a member of the brady Bunch, Lachie Mor, Craig Gordon, Lewis, Robin & Robert!

Value for money if I do say so.

It’s a podcast of two halves. The meat and bones of the podcast is a chat between Lachie and Harry. The two bhoys discuss the recent St Mirren game and the “furore” around Brendan’s comment that St Mirren were quite good. We then hear from Craig Gordon after he signed his new contract and then it’s on to the Glasgow Derby. Lachie and Harry discuss this game before we get a very brief preview from 3 Celts, two of whom have come all the way from Singapore and Hong Kong to see the hoops triumph (Hopefully).


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