Mar 16, 2017, 06:07 PM

I was driven into this wilderness By threat pursued. I had no other choice; Turned out of comfort, to drink bitterness; Stifled in silence, none hearing my voice. I cried my willed plans there in the wild; My tears of would littered, watered my wold; Dejected, alone, helpless as a child, Struggling to keep my heart from growing cold. But Your will in this wild, I now can see O'ershadows above as cloud and fire; Your presence, a banner of love over me Foretasting my thirst's hope and desire. For you, in the wild of my want and thirst Brought water from a Rock, who for me was cursed.

© Randy Edwards 2017. Artwork: Francois Perrier (1590 - 1650) Moses draws water from the Rock  1642 oil on canvas #sonnet #christianity #ashestoeternity