Episode 33: Bill Condon On The Music Of Beauty And The Beast, Dreamgirls & Chicago

Mar 18, 2017, 03:33 PM

When Jon Favreau joined Edith to discuss his remake of The Jungle Book, he revealed that the aspect of the film he was most preoccupied with was the music.

Our latest guest Bill Condon says much the same thing about his retelling of a more recent Disney classic, Beauty And The Beast.

In Bill's case, it was a potential deal-breaker: he only agreed to direct the project on the condition that the man who composed the original score came on board. That man is Alan Menken, whose Oscar-winning themes for the 1991 animation reverberate loud and clear throughout this live action reboot.

We also discuss his work with pre-eminent composer, Carter Burwell, who has collaborated with Bill on several occasions