Sponsored, Episode 27: Julian Carr

Mar 22, 2017, 07:01 AM

"It's hyper awareness. I am like charged particles, and I'm sharing with my surroundings, like part of this rich, interconnected web," he says about his airs. "There is no empty space. So the moment I leave a cliff I'm connected through the air, the trees, the ground, my skis, the wind, and when I land, it's a seamless integration, because I actually never left any connection to that energy level that I'm vibrating with."

:55: The 100 footer Julian posted on Insta and the thought process behind hitting big cliffs 3:10: Growing up in SLC and skateboarding 8:10: Getting into skiing in the 8th grade and team sports 10:30: University of Utah 13:15: His big picture vision 15:50: What he thinks about the folks who say he doesn’t stomp his landings 22:15: The process behind launching Air Jordan as a single hit 26:45: Meeting Jamie Pierre 31:40: Do the records mean anything to him? 33:30: The founding of Discrete Headwear