Krsanna Duran, March 26, 2017 - UFO Initiation, Ultraterrestrial Time Travelers ... and Bigfoot

Mar 27, 2017, 02:09 AM

Pioneer researcher Ida M. Kannenberg received the Dr. Leo Sprinkle Award at the 22nd Rocky Mountain UFO Conference in 2001. She was instrumental in founding with Dr. Sprinkle the first UFO experiencer-focused conference ever at the University of Wyoming in 1980.

Krsanna Durann - Author, editor and publisher, Krsanna Duran is the author of Web of Life and Cosmos: Human and Bigfoot Star Ancestors (Missoula, MT:  Atlantis Phoenix, 2015), 203 pages.  A premier paranormal/UFO investigator and Native American advocate, Duran provides us with the requisite tools to make the connections with a vast array of seemingly disparate phenomenon. 

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How it began. Contact experiencer Krsanna Duran had her first sighting/experience in Oklahoma as a teenager. She remembers being taken up, via a shaft of light, into a craft and speaking with a man, a very human looking being, and then hearing him say, "We're taking you with us."

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