Sponsored, Episode 29: Colston Vb

Apr 05, 2017, 01:34 PM

On this episode of the "Sponsored" podcast, Colston VB talks to host Mike Powell about the struggle to make it as a professional skier. The two discuss Vb's role on Bravo's reality TV show, Timber Creek Lodge, which he was conflicted about appearing on.

"Within skiing I really focused on not selling out," he says. "I really focused on staying super core and not doing the cheesy Instagram stuff and not compromising myself and I wanted to be talent first. A part of it was funny and part of it was to take a break and enjoy it. I'm really happy I did it."

2:00: Growing up in Rossland, BC, in a ski bum home 6:00: Colston's career 9:55: Overcoming money issues and living life to its fullest 11:30: Sponsors and Jeff Schmuck helping him out 12:55: Being a professional, getting an agent, and learning lessons 16:10: The biggest moments of his ski career 18:25: How did he get into reality TV? Does it kill skiing?
22:30: Being semi-famous in a digital world 23:45: Questions from fans of the show 26:00: Money in reality TV and what’s next in skiing, TV, and life