NFAND Episode 42 - Joseph and Gloria La Morte, creative producers and filmmakers

Apr 09, 2017, 11:36 AM

Joseph and Gloria La Morte are a special husband-and-wife creative duo. They’ve etched a place for themselves in the creative economy. Combined, Joseph and Gloria have produced films, documentaries, web series, public service announcements, special segments, edited features, written screenplays, and acted; and are parents to Emile. Good people.

For years they’ve been part of my artistic and professional compass. How do they/we do it? When and how does the creative life begin? Make something out of it. And that they have. Joseph says something really true here towards the end. I’m paraphrasing, but it’s something like, yes we have to pay the mortgage, but we find ways to feel at peace with how we earn our money. The crux of the hunt. And it lives with the actions of us/them, the creative work. In their case, Details, Crush, Entre Nos, Free Like the Birds, Get Some, 11 Million Stories, and much more. See

Their son Emile will know all about producing and filmmaking for sure. I tried editing down to 30 minutes but it was almost impossible because of course, thoughts come in story form as told by creative workers. Also, the sound is not ideal, but I worked it and am proud of the editing to bring balance to the three voices. The talk stands because this conversation is really about making the quotidian matter.

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