78s19 from Apr 11, 2017

Apr 11, 2017, 02:00 PM

Harry Reser & 7 Wild Men - "LUNATICS LULLABYE" Frank Crumit - "DONALD THE DUB" Bert Ambrose - "GOOPY GEAR" Guy Lombardo - "BROKEN RECORD" Hoagy Carmichael & Orchestra (Carson Robison) - "BARNACLE BILL THE SAILOR" Gene Krupa - "CHIQUITA BANANA" Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees - "WHEN YUBA PLAYS A RHUMBA ON THE TUBA" McKinney's Cotton Pickers - "HULLABALOO" Ray Noble & His Orchestra with Al Bowlly - "ONE, TWO, BUCKLE MY SHOE" Louis Prima - "BONEY BONES" Louis Prima - "BIGGER THE FIGURE" Henry Hall Orchestra - "HERE COMES THE BOOGIE MAN" Embassy Four - "BIBBIDI BOBBIDI BOO" Bert Williams - "I'M GONE BEFORE I GO" Music behind DJ: Funk Brothers - "LOVE IS LIKE AN ITCHING IN MY HEART"

4 Blackbirds - "BLACK-EYED SUSAN BROWN" Noah Lewis' Jug Band - "TICKET AGENT BLUES" Ada Brown - "CRAZY BOUT MY LOLLIPOP" Bo Carter - "PLEASE WARM MY WIENER" Butterbeans & Susie - "ELEVATOR PAPA, SWITCHBOARD MAMA" Mabel Scott - "CATCH EM YOUNG, TREAT EM ROUGH, TELL EM NOTHING" Mabel Scott - "SUBWAY BLUES" Vaughn Monroe [Ziggy Talent] - "WHY DID I TEACH MY GIRL TO DRIVE?" Al Donohue - "STOP BEATING AROUND THE MULBERRY BUSH" Theresa Brewer - "SWEET OLD FASHIONED GIRL" Terry-Thomas - "SWEET OLD FASHIONED BOY" Billy Murray - "ESKIMO RAG" Miccolis Sisters - "CHIME BELLS" [AKA Cackle Sisters] Mickey Katz - "TICO TICO" Music behind DJ: Beatles [instrumental] - "POLYTHENE PAM/BATHROOM WINDOW"

Frederick Wheeler - "WAKE UP AMERICA" American Quartet - "LET'S ALL BE AMERICANS NOW" http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/72016