ScathingAtheist 217: Missing Link Edition

Apr 13, 2017, 11:00 AM

In this week’s episode, Neil Gorsuch announces his plan to write everything on papyrus, the Senate makes our upcoming proletariat revolution a whole lot easier, and Ganon’s gonna rue the day when he fucked with Hyrule… but after the record.

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Headlines: Church State separation groups respond to Gorsuch appointment: Universalist Unitarian leader resigns amid racism scandal (Fuck U U): Update on NASA’s $1.1 million effort to study religious impact of alien life: Glenn Beck and David Barton are selling Internships for $375 to teach fake history: Pastor locke wants us to do a field trip to Washington D.C really REALLY badly: Youtube preacher warns that hindu-feeling books can imperil your soul: Woman faces 14 years for DIY circumcision: Michelle Bachmann says halal food in America a sign of sharia law: Bachmann says liberals are letting the Antichrist come to power: Bachmann says God sent Donald Trump to save us all from trans people having rights:

This Week in Misogyny: Trump vouches for O’Reilly on sexual harassment allegations: MO republican proposes spiteful anti-abortion name change for St. Louis zoo: TX to take $20 million from clean air initiative to give to anti-abortion group: