Easter Collect

Apr 18, 2017, 12:18 PM

Sin and death is overcome The old order vanquished, ruin undone By the mighty resurrection of the Son. Victorious King, by your resurrection You silenced the Accuser's every objection To renew and remake us in your perfection. Lord of all life, who is life and power Whose glory fades not, unlike grass or flower Shine through us unvield, from this very hour. May we to sin through Your dying, die Through Your death live, be made alive. Buried with You, in Your rising, rise To reign with You in humility In love, light, and life for all eternity.

© Randy Edwards 2017 artwork: Giotto (1266–1337), No. 37 Scenes from the Life of Christ; Resurrection (Noli me tangere); Date between 1304 and 1306; fresco; Scrovegni Chapel. #poetry #sonnet #christianity #easter