Can video game movies be good? {Ep. 31}

Apr 27, 2017, 01:25 PM

Marcus doesn't always make the best financial decisions. That's why he spent over $1200 on a single weekend. Unrelated, anybody looking to buy an NES Mini?

Have you ever seen a movie based off a video game that didn't make you cry out of disappointment? This week, Devin, Evan, and Marcus talk about video game movies over the years and if there is any hope for them to be legitimately good.


Is there hope for video game movies?

Why remaking games into movies is a clumsy approach

Wreck-It Ralph 2 announced for 2018 release

Assassin’s Creed Producer Starts Adaptation-Focused Studio

This Majora’s Mask fan film is everything you’ve ever wanted from a Zelda movie

Uncharted movie gets new director


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