Talking Paper #10 Claire Durand-Gasselin, Craig Kite, & Brian Sheffield

May 16, 2017, 11:06 PM

Episode date, March 23rd, 2017: I speak with Claire Durand-Gasselin, Craig Kite, & Brian Sheffield. They are three of the co-founding editors (along with Margaux Taleux) of POST(blank) -- a French-American bilingual word-art publication from Mad Gleam Press. The publication's first volume, titled POSTpaper, debuted in fall of 2016 with 92 pages. The second volume, POSTmortem, came out in winter of 2017 with 144 pages. The Mad Gleam Press website describes its mission as highlighting "the conjoined strengths of text and image by publishing visual poetic pieces, visual poems, dialogues on arts and ideas between artists of the two media, and excerpts of artist books. We also want to celebrate and speak to the infrastructure of the physical communities that come together around small press publications. We hope to offer a space for visual and literary artists to compliment each other’s work and to make new connections across mediums, genres and cultures."

The Mad Gleam summary of the content found in POSTmortem states: "Death less represents the romantic stuff of tragedy as much as a shirked inevitability, viewed indirectly through the rosy lens of metaphor, or through some white frowning mask. Death is a hard-nosed fact checked on the ice of stark reality, an open-eyed kiss and reason to fuck, to connect, to practice life. We can only understand the constant flux of our experience, collective or individual, through reflection: taking stabs at post-analysis, even if only via abstract expression. In our own ways, we attempt to make sense of these things without it shaving any days off our lives. So allow yourself a reminder. Touch the bone inside your skin. Tickle your mortality and understand that nothing ever has been, currently is, nor ever will be, permanent."

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