ScathingAtheist 224: Jung and the Restless Edition

Jun 01, 2017, 11:00 AM

In this week’s episode, Ken Ham sucks dino penis, Tucker Carlson doesn't matter, and Muslims around the world will keep pretending they enjoy this holiday.

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Headlines: Tillerson declines to hold Ramadan event at state department: Devos: Schools that discriminate against gay and black students should still get federal funding: Pope presses Trump on Climatechange: Muslim sues Little Caesars for misleading “halal” marking on pepperoni pizzas: Tucker Carlson’s god gets his ass handed to him by Dan Barker: Margaret Court is a bigot: Lady Justice statue removed in Bangladesh over Muslim objections: and Ken Ham gets a doctorate:

Ken Ham makes love to dinosaur gayly in new novel:

This Week in Misogyny: Pro Surfer: Ladies and their periods cause most shark attacks: