Summit raises hopes for South Sudan's Urban Refugees in Kampala

Jun 21, 2017, 08:29 AM

Refugees living in Uganda's Urban centers hope the Uganda Solidarity Summit on Refugees will go a long way to alleviate their plight. Uganda is also home to close to more than one million and asylum seekers originating from South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, Gambia, Benin, Ethiopia, and Eritrea. While majority of the refugees opt to live in the refugee settlements, an increasing number of refugees in Uganda are choosing to settle in urban centers.But living in Urban centers deprives this group of urban refugees access to UNHCR support. Before setting off on a field trip to Arua, one of the districts in Uganda hosting more than 200 - Thousand South Sudanese Refugees, Sani spoke with Rose, Suzan and Poni - Three out of the Hundreds of urban refugees living in Kampala to discuss their plight and aspirations.

Rose told Sani why she chose to settle in Kampala as an urban Refugee.