ScathingAtheist 227: Inciting Incident Edition

Jun 22, 2017, 11:00 AM

In this week’s episode, Ken Ham blames us for his failures, an article about a couple who claims to photosynthesize gets unironically published by The Sun, and Marissa McCool will be here to get that Freytag pyramid kicked into the upswing.

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Headlines: Study suggests religion could be driving unprecedented political divide: Hindu extremist calls for death of beef-eaters: 4-Year old hogtied with duct tape at Christian day care: and Ken Ham blames atheists for Ark Park’s abject failure: Church treasurer used church funds to pay hookers on Craig’s list: MO legislator kills chicken and rips out its heart on YouTube to make an anti-abortion point: Bring ben Back

Breatharians claim to exist:

This Week in Misogyny: Wonder Woman “women only” viewing gift bag contains items for doing lady chores: Women in Ireland will not be able to get abortions under NHS: Iranian women wear white headscarves to protest headscarf laws: