ScathingAtheist 228: Farced Amendment Edition

In this week’s episode,


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Maajid Nawaz sues SPLC for putting him on hate list:

Prosperity preacher charged with multi-million dollar tax fraud scheme:

Israeli airline can no longer ask women to switch seats because misogyny:

NY GOP caves to Catholic pressure, blocks bill to help sex abuse victims:

Religious right renews calls to fight against anti-Trump witchcraft:

McDonald’s swears allegiance to new Saudi crown prince:


This Week in Misogyny:

Women can’t withdraw consent mid-fuck in North Carolina:

Egyptian cleric: Women who don’t fuck their husbands are defying Allah:

Missouri advances bill that would allow employers to fire women for using birth control:

Jun 29, 11:00 AM
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17Hongo - 28 days ago

I haven't listened to this one yet (I'm a little way back in the archives), but this one doesn't have a description on it. No biggie (I'm not trying to be overly fastidious here, despite the way this looks); I just noticed it as I was scrolling through the archive, and I've always enjoyed the little descriptions on the episodes.