Are We There Yet?


Are We There Yet?

I didn't slide in here on a rainbow,

Didn't arrive in a new Cadillac,

Not basking in vict'ry's afterglow,

But hanging from my rope’s end, no way back.

Caught in these straits between death and doom,

I sue for peace, they only make war;

I want the truth, to see justice bloom,

They lie through smiles while fixing the score.

Am I yet sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Will I own every step I've taken here?

Will I get up, chose, do what's required?

Own the shame? Submit? Listen? Hear?

A nap's what I need, just a little vacation

I'll kill it tomorrow, win this crowd's adoration.

© Randy Edwards 2017

Jul 13, 12:55 PM
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