Emma Tryon part two - Journey of Faith

Jul 16, 2017, 07:01 AM

Emma Tryon came across a group of 24 children in a dirt yard in Cambodia while she was backpacking in 2009. They were either orphaned or abandoned with just a rusty metal shack to call home. When Emma returned to her hostel that evening, she felt overwhelmed by the feeling of the presence of God - and felt called to return to Cambodia one day.

Emma told Sarah that she knew she had to come back, even if she wasn't sure why.

Emma went back to Cambodia with a backpack and a box of tools and found the 24 children still waiting for her. She and her brother helped to build them a home and she stayed there for three years, but still visits as often as she can.

As broadcast on BBC Radio Sheffield's Early Sunday Breakfast Show, Sunday 9th July 2017.