Finding of Jesus in the Temple - Mary did you know?

Jul 21, 2017, 08:18 AM, West Saint Paul, MN, United States

This series discusses; Did Mary know that Jesus was God? What does the Catholic Church teach? What can we learn from Mary? Why are there instances when Mary behaves as if she didn't know?

This episode looks as the finding of Jesus in the temple.

Mary and Joseph travel to Jerusalem for the Pasch festival. On their return, they lose Jesus. Shouldn't be shocking, the traveling was executed in two groups; men and women. Each assumed Jesus was with the other. They became very worried. Also not shocking considering Simeon's prophecy to them of their son's suffering and death. Will this have lead to the death of their son?

They go back to Jerusalem to find Jesus. They discover him teaching and listening. They seemingly admonish him saying; "Why did you do this?". This also should not be shocking, this is a simple question to God asking him what are you doing, how is this a part of your plan?

Jesus responds with, "I am about my Father's work". They do not understand this as an answer. The answer is supposed to be meditated upon. Mary stores this in her heart.

Perhaps Jesus wants to suggest that whether death or life, I am about my Father's work. This is his will.

We can meditate on the great Joy of finding Jesus. We can meditate on why this was so painful to Mary and Joseph? And, we can meditate on the nature of Jesus's response. In death, pain and suffering Jesus has the last word and is always doing the will of the Father.

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