ScathingAtheist 232: Schadenfreudian Slip Edition

On this week’s episode: We try to get the more out of Mormon ... We discuss the marital sex lives of a man and his computer, and a woman and her calf ... And Ken Ham will get shot in the freude.


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Ark Park could see tax incentives reversed because they’re unrepentant assholes:

Chinese government bans religion:

New bill in WI tries to prevent med schools from teaching anything about abortion:

South African pastor demands his congregants foot his legal bills for defrauding them:

Lawyer sues congressmen for displaying rainbow flag in violation of Establishment Clause:

Buddhist Widow claims calf is reincarnation of her husband:


This Week in Misogyny:

Iranian newspaper publishes photo of Maryam Mirzakhani without a hijab:

Iranian women refuse to wear hijabs while driving; Iran may relent:

Girl’s robotics team allowed in the US even though Trump’s a douche:

Nepalese woman dies of snakebite because she was being period-shunned:

Jul 27, 11:00 AM
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