Stay Home?


I was glad when they called and said to me,

"It's time; let's go up to Jerusalem

To the house of the Lord where we may see

And sing His wonders; in thankful unison."

As a symphony sing, parts joined together

Fitted and formed in compliment, made one--

One family, one house, one heart, one Father!

United by His decree, by His love won.

But this collection of customs, accents, tribes,

Opinions, crowds, the throng, and commotion

The snickering suspicion and dress down jibes?

I might stay home, keep with private devotion.

No. I'll pray, seek the city's peace and rest

Go to God's house, for His sake do my best.

© Randall Edwards 2017

#poetry #sonnet #christianity #songsofascent

Aug 02, 12:07 AM, Kernersville, NC, United States
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