What Help?


Once decided, the leaving? No question.

Disgusted with the way things were,

Gladly, I set out, joined the procession—

Resolute, no hardship would deter.

But having begun the narrow, upward climb—

Stifled, stumbling my footing unsure

I look ‘round for help, for any sign,

Any assurance, I'll arrive, endure.

I'll manage myself; I'll hedge my bets;

Reduce my risk, leverage my best;

Trust what I know; what my getting gets--

That my will be done, in my resting rest.

Look not to the hills but trust him to keep

Your life from all evil, give shelter and sleep.

© Randall Edwards 2017

#sonnet #poetry #christianity #psalms #psalmofascent #psalmsofascent

Aug 04, 10:53 AM, Kernersville, NC, United States
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