Rotorua On The Great Destinations Radio Show

Aug 07, 2017, 11:14 AM

Keri Jones visits Rotorua in the middle of New Zealand’s north island. It was the country’s first tourist destination. In the Victorian era, Europeans sailed for months to reach a spectacular land formation. The area contained colourful lakeside terraces that were formed by minerals in hot springs. Keri discovers why they were so special and learns about the tragic event that destroyed them. He visits a modern-day Pompeii, too. Steam rises through the ground with Rotorua’s geothermal activity, so we’ll tour a thermal park to see (and smell!) geysers and hotsprings. Rotorua has a strong Maori culture so Keri visits an attraction devoted to Maori traditions before he’s terrified by a performance of the haka. Rotorua is also a centre for activity sports and Keri visits a zip lining adventure course where exhilaration and conservation go hand in hand. Later, he walksamongst the treetops in a redwood forest and as he learns about a new activity of rolling down a hillside in a giant ball filled with water!