Book Hype Episode #144: 'Geek Actually' Interview

Aug 16, 2017, 12:55 AM

Book Hype hosts Karen and Brittany join Cathy Yardley and Cecelia Tan from Geek Actually to discuss the series!

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What we’re reading: –Three Little Words by Melissa Blue (a co-author!) –Looking for Group by Alexis Hall –Monstress by Marjorie Liu –The Master by Tara Su Me -And the TBR pile includes everything from the Hugo awards list!

Geek Actually: Who are they? What is it? -Cathy Yardley: approached by Serial Box to bring her “showrunner” capabilities to the series Superpower: guiding writers to plot development is her superpower -Cecelia Tan: long time science-fiction, fantasy, erotica writer Superpower: champion of fully realized female characters -How would you describe Geek Actually: “It’s the geeky women friends you want to hang out with” -These are women you can see yourselves in, they are the online friends you want to hang out with -What’s the mission with Geek Actually: Science-fiction, fantasy, have female characters, but there is not a lot out there about female nerds -Breaking free from the male stereotype -Serial Box offers this collection as serialized storytelling: the challenges and perks

Getting into Geek Actually: -Location, location, location: so many couches across the world -Internet friends are the best friends -But the Internet also sucks sometimes, like when women get harassed -What has changed, what has gotten better, and how have you dealt with that? –Geek Actually bridges a ton of genres and it works! -It is written in reality. This is how women live!

What makes you geek out? –Game of Thrones, watching people watch Games of Thrones on Twitter, Marvel, spoiler-free experiences -Is reaction-genre a thing? Yes, yes it is -Female-driven movies are taking over — what makes you excited about them?

What to check out: -Cathy’s Fandom Hearts series -Melissa Blue’s Dirty, Sexy Geeks series -Search for Geeky Romance! Lists exist!

What’s Next: -Please get into contact with us if there are any book/adaptation/author-related episodes you would like to hear! -Or suggest a book for book club, so Brittany does not have to!