Andy Warhol w/ Chelsea King

Sep 04, 2017, 03:59 PM

Comedian and Jail Princess Chelsea King joins the Fat Woke Boyz to discuss her hatred of Andy Warhol. Is he a talented pop artist, or an abusive talent curator? Who are they talking about when they draw parallels with Cleveland? Why was he so mean to Edie?! Lots to get through and unpack here. This episode is brought to you by: Chris Clem (@Chris_Clem) Brit Fox (xfoxrox IG & Snapchat) Jess Faulstich (@epicfaul) Plight of the Stripperherder ( Recorded by Mike Calhoun. Produced by Pete Milk. #Cleveland #Comedy #Art #PopArt #Abuse #VelvetUnderground #LouReedIsACunt #Speed #Meth #Apologists